Art Department Exhibition Opening this Sunday

art exhibitionThe Photography and Digital Imagery Show at Marygrove College’s The Gallery will showcase over 20 metro Detroit artists. A variety of photographic imagery is represented with a strong emphasis on the urban environment of Detroit.

The opening is this Sunday; 3-6 p.m. Please join us!

IMD Facilitates Outreach Art Exhibit Tour/Lecture

The exhibit Collaborate, Connect, Reconnect curated by James Lutomski, Marygrove College Art faculty and Director of The Gallery, is on display in The Gallery at Marygrove College. The exhibition coincided with the annual Great Lakes Bioneers Conference at Marygrove College and showcases three local and regional artists whose creative endeavors, both collaborative and individual, focus on environment, ecological and community issues. Through their art, Andrew Martin, Sarah Nesbitt and Sadie Sheldon exemplify the “Artist as Activist.”

The Institute of Music & Dance seeks to provide opportunities to engage Detroit metropolitan High School students in: 1) the creative process 2) building technical proficiencies and 3) connecting them with urban leaders who make a mark on the world with their art. With assistance from the Kresge Foundation, Onstage!Program, IMD broadened the horizons of 20 Advanced Art and AP art students from Hamtramck High School. On November 21, 2013 the students along with their teacher, Veronica Lassen, attended a tour/lecture by exhibited photographic artist Sarah Nesbitt. James Lutomski also talked to the students about curating the exhibit.

Marygrove College undergraduate students, in Karen Sanders’ photography class, also attended the tour/lecture. The experience provided the students with another perspective in using photos in the creation of art.


Comments from Hamtramck students included:

1. “I didn’t realize that anything could be used as art and that art could be more than a decoration. Art can be used to make a statement. I see that anything, as long as it’s what you feel, is art.”

2. “I thought the exhibit was very intriguing. It gave me some motivation to start creating my own work. Sarah was a very amazing speaker and she brought me into her own little world.”

3. “I really liked my experience in the master class/lecture led by Sarah Nesbitt. The art works are unique and creative. Since I am creative and love doing art I’m really inspired.”

MG Art Department Partners with Senior Citizens from the Theresa-Maxis Apartments

8094326035_4bfffd89a5On Oct. 2, the Marygrove Art Department will be installing mosaic tiles made through the joint efforts of Marygrove students and senior citizens from the Theresa-Maxis Apartments. This event is part of a larger, ongoing project called Place 2 Place.

Next Wednesday, students will place “stepping stones” outside of the Marygrove College fence. Markers will be placed at .25 mile and every ¼ mile thereafter. Walkers will be encouraged to make the entire circuit, which will be 1-1/2 miles.

This project provides a way for Marygrove students to work with the community around them; it also works towards creating an outdoor space where people can be creative, observe their community, and be reminded that The City of Detroit is a beautiful place.

For more information, contact Mary Lou Greene at (313) 927-1853.