Tonight: The Marygrove College Business Division Brings Local Business Professionals to Campus for Round Table Discussion

business-woman-portrait-1997285_960_720The Marygrove College Business Division is pleased to sponsor its first Business Round Table Discussion. Our first event will feature three business professionals who will discuss how to successfully launch your career in business.

This event is open to the public, but it is especially poignant for junior and senior business students.

Our Panelists are:

Aubrey Lee Jr.: First vice president and senior resident director of The Aubrey Lee, Jr. and Julius Readus Group at Merrill Lynch in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Felicia Felton: Human resource and safety manager at Sodecia North America

Raphael Wright: Entrepreneur and business author

These three distinguished Business Professionals will share their professional expertise and discuss how recent business graduates can begin their careers.

Thursday March 23
6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Madame Cadillac Building, Denk Chapman Hall
Light Refreshments will be served

March 23 FreePlay Duo Concert Cancelled

hqdefaultThe performance by FreePlay Duo scheduled for THURSDAY, MARCH 23, is CANCELLED.

The free Master Class with FreePlay Duo continues as scheduled at 3:30 p.m. in the Marygrove Theatre followed by a special performance by vocal artists Suba Sankaran and Dylan Bell. All are invited.

For more information, contact Zen Zadravec, (313) 927-1394

March 22: Join Us for Hot Soup, Spiritual Cinema, and Engaging Conversation

soup-and-cinemaJoin us for hot soup, spiritual cinema, and thought-provoking discussions this Wednesday at our Lenten Soup and Spiritual Cinema Event!

Wednesday, March 22
12:30 p.m. Liberal Arts Building, Employee Lounge

For more information, contact Jesse Cox (313) 927-1404,

March 23: FreePlay Duo Master Class Featuring Vocal Artists Suba Sankaran and Dylan Bell

hqdefaultJoin Marygrove musicians and guest music students on Thursday, March 23  at 3:30 p.m. in the MG Theatre as they work with vocal artists Suba Sankaran and Dylan Bell to improve their artistry and technique in front of a live audience.

For more information, contact Zen Zadravec, (313) 927-1394

Marygrove to Celebrate the 18th Annual Dr. Chaepyong (J.P.) Song Academic Symposium

Join us Friday, March 24th, for the 18th Annual Dr. Chaepyong (J.P.) Song Academic Symposium. This year’s theme is “The Body: Human Experience as Agency and Objectivity.” We are pleased that our faculty, staff, and students are ready to enlighten us on this theme. They are also eager to hear your comments, and  to entertain your questions.
2017 Academic Symposium Program Flyer_8_5x11 (1)-page-001 (1)

2017 Academic Symposium Program Flyer_8_5x11 (1)-page-002

Don’t Miss the Marygrove College Student Art Show!

20160805_204119Be sure to check out the Marygrove College Student Art Show now happening in The Gallery on the 4th floor of the Liberal Arts Building.

Loads of great student work at very reasonable prices. Stock up now for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, even Christmas! The students will be glad you did!  ALL proceeds go directly to each student.

The exhibition runs until March 24. If you want to buy a piece and no one is in The Gallery, email Mary Lou Greene ( to make arrangements.

For those of you who have already purchased work, you can pick them up on the 24th, but payment can be made anytime by contacting Mary Lou Greene.

On behalf of our very talented students, THANK YOU!


March 11: Free Tax Foreclosure Workshop at Marygrove College

ForeclosedhomeFor the third consecutive year, the Institute for Detroit Studies will partner with the United Community Housing Coalition and Michigan Legal Services to present a free Tax Foreclosure Workshop.

Get free, on-site assistance from a trusted non-profit source.

10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Marygrove College
Madame Cadillac Building, Dining Hall

For more information, email


 If you are the owner and occupant of a home in tax foreclosure AND you do not owe taxes prior to 2014 you can save your home from tax foreclosure in about 5 minutes with a Distressed Owner Occupancy Extension (DOOE). All you need to do is complete an application and an income affidavit, and provide:

  1. A copy of your current driver’s license or state ID matching the address of the property in which you live;
  2. A recent DTE bill or other similar documentation showing your name and address; and
  3. Recorded proof of ownership (e.g. a deed).

All documents must have the name of the owner/occupant and match the address on the DOOE application. Any name change (e.g. name change due to marriage) should be explained and documented (e.g. marriage license, divorce judgment, etc.). There are income guidelines for the DOOE, but these may be waived if there’s a hardship. A brief explanation of the hardship should be made on the application and affidavit.

If you are the owner and occupant of a home in tax foreclosure, you MAY also qualify for a reduction in your taxes and a long term (possibly 5 years) payment plan to catch up, regardless of the number of years of taxes owed. Your taxes COULD be reduced by thousands of dollars and you COULD get a payment plan for a few hundred dollars per month. IF YOU DO NOT OWE PRIOR TO 2014 YOU SHOULD STILL DO THE DOOE.

If you are the occupant, but not the owner (due to the owner being a deceased relative), then you COULD get free help to probate the home and take advantage of the tax reduction and payment plan.

If you are buying on land contract or with a mortgage you COULD still lose the home even if you resolve the tax foreclosure–if you are in default of the land contract or mortgage. YOU NEED TO RESOLVE BOTH THE MORTGAGE AND TAX FORECLOSURE ISSUES.

If you are the tenant in a home in tax foreclosure then you COULD be excused from paying rent after April 1, 2017 and you could become the owner, BUT YOU SHOULD NOT PAY YOUR LANDLORD’S TAXES.