The Fall Colloquium Series Continues: “Everything Happens for a Reason: The Cold Comfort of Conspiracy Theories.”


On October 10, Marygrove’s colloquium series will return with Dr. Mark Huston’s presentation, “Everything Happens for a Reason: The Cold Comfort of Conspiracy Theories.”

Although “conspiracy theory” is often used pejoratively, Schoolcraft College Professor Dr. Mark Huston argues that conspiracy theories are actually useful tools for thinking about the nature of reasoning, argumentation and explanation.

During this discussion, Huston will explore the conceptual nature of conspiracy theories; offer a defense for why they should be explored at the college level; demonstrate how a comprehensive understanding of conspiracy theories needs a philosophical, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach; and look at a few examples of conspiracy theories in order to give some practical examples of how different disciplines might approach the issues.

The colloquium will meet in LA 241 at 12:30 p.m. on October 10.

Marygrove alumni are welcome to join the discussions. For more information on these important presentations, contact Sarah Heidt, assistant professor of Philosophy, (313) 927-1840 or

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