Tomorrow: Marygrove Professors Featured in an Interfaith Panel Discussion at Lawrence Tech.

new-religionsProfessors George Alcser and Sarah Heidt will be featured in an interfaith panel discussion being held on the theme: “Should religion adapt to modernity?” The event is being held at Lawrence Technological University in the University Technology Learning Center this coming Wednesday, 20th January, from 7-9 PM.

The panel includes: Dr. Sarah Heidt (moderator, Philosophy and Religious Studies at Marygrove), Rev Dr. Benjamin Baker (Christian), Dr. Mary Ellen Sheehan, IHM (Christian), Dr. Fatima Al-Hayani (Muslim), Dr. Narajamaswamy Sangkagiri (Hindu), Dr. Rabbi Louis Finkelman (Jewish), and Prof. George Alcser, also of Philosophy and Religious studies at Marygrove. Please do not miss this opportunity to see your excellent Religious Studies colleagues in action.

The panel discussion coincides with an exhibition of rare texts sponsored by the Remant Trust. Though some are religious in nature, all are not, and the exhibition offers a very rare opportunity to handle and examine the manuscripts. The exhibit opens at 6:00 that evening so that attendees may have a look at the manuscripts before the event. Come see the books, and stay for a lively, collegial and stimulating discussion!

We hope you can join us!

Photo credit: Jon Díez Supat via / CC BY-SA

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