The Women’s Center Presents “Opening Our Hearts to the Sacredness of Water-Nibi”

women's centerThe Women’s Center of Marygrove College presents
“Opening our hearts to the sacredness of Water-Nibi: Exploring the many ways that water flows and connects us all in sacred relationship”

Join us to hear a talk by invited presenter Panoka Walker. Walker—of French and Anishinabe heritage—is a member of the Deer Clan. A lifelong student of the plant nation, Walker strongly identifies with her Indian roots as a wild crafter, traditional story teller, song carrier, hand drum maker, traditional crafts woman, and a facilitator of women’s ceremonies. She is a member of the United Plant Savers, Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance, and is also affiliated with the Sacred Water Walkers, who bring awareness to the water.

Wednesday, October 21, from 3:30 – 5

Location: the Women’s Center (LA030)

Light refreshments will be provided

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