First Lunchtime Conversation Monday, October 19: 12:30-1:30

lunch conversation

This is a reminder that the academic year’s first Lunchtime Conversation–a discussion of last summer’s Faculty Resource Network (FRN) activities at NYU–will be held on Monday, October 19 from 12:30 until 1:30 in the Employee Lounge (LA 005).

Discussing their experiences will be:

  • Mary Byrnes discussing the seminar, “Yellow Peril: Understanding Xenophobia,” which she and Teddi Williams attended
  • Vivian Johnson discussing the seminar, “Achieving Gender Justice through Service Learning”
  • Denise Powell discussing the seminar,“Ditch the In-Class Lecture, Add Active Learning”
  • Jerry van Rossum discussing the seminar, “The Philosopher in the Marketplace: Market Morality and its Social Impact”

    After the presentations, you will hear about other opportunities the FRN offers its members.

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