IMD Teaches the Importance of Earth Day In Program in Ecorse Public School, Ralph Bunche Academy

IMDThrough its outreach program at Ralph Bunche Academy, in the Ecorse Public Schools, the Institute of Music & Dance engaged kindergarten, 1st and 3rd grade art students in the ways each of us can help keep our earth clean and protect our environment.

In the program, we discussed:

  • Simple methods to reduce water and electricity usage
  • Why we should substitute canvas/paper bags for plastic bags
  • The importance of recycling cans and bottles and toys
  • Picking up litter
  • Planting a tree or garden
  • Adopting a pet from a shelter

Art projects included: making owls with helping our environment statements; hand print earth day promises; designing Earth Day stamps; marbleized earths and worksheets.

The projects are displayed on the walls of Ralph Bunche Academy to encourage everyone to celebrate and save our planet.

“The Earth Day art exhibit proves the connection between the arts and core instruction is powerful. The students demonstrated an extensive knowledge of the importance of taking care of the earth and their exhibits highlight their understanding. “      

-Robin Porter, School Improvement Grant Coordinator

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