Invitation to the Sociology Department’s Senior Seminar Presentations

senior seminar presentationPlease consider attending an afternoon of exciting and dynamic sociology senior seminar presentations for Winter 2015.  This semester Marygrove’s sociologists worked from theory to develop a research project that could be potentially executed down the road while they sharpened their sociological imaginations.

Wednesday, April 22, at 2:00 in LA 306

Student Presenters:

Duree’ Miner-Johnson:  Age and Sexuality:  What’s Age Got to Do With It?

Marcia Black:  Where the Black Women At?  A Study of Feminism Among Black Women With A Focus on the Perpetuation of the ‘Angry Black Woman’ Stereotype.

Lillian Lucas-Jones:  You Will Live Where We Tell you to Live:  The Effects of Gentrification on Aging Poor Blacks in Midtown

Dayna Eaton:  The Misrepresentation of the African American Man:  The Impact of Perceptions and Stereptypes on Economic Advancement

Cortillia Motton:  Women and HIV in Midlife

Amanda Diaz:  Zombies:  Racial Inequalities in the Walking Dead

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