IMD Along with the Dance Dept Help to Inspire Talent

20150208_110202The Institute of Music & Dance at Marygrove College, in collaboration with the Dance Department, once again brought

an international master artist to the backyard of budding talent in the Detroit metropolitan community.

Meredith Dincolo, Artistic Associate and Coordinator of Pre-Professional Programs at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, following 14 years

as a company dancer as well as four seasons abroad with the Lyon Opera Ballet and National Theater Mannheim, came to

Marygrove to teach a contemporary ballet master class on February 8th.20150208_110202

Forty-one students attended the class.

Comments from evaluations included:

  • I learned how to move my body more fluently and it inspired me to work harder
  • I had a lot of fun and learned new combinations. It was great to have an piano accompanist
  • I learned to perform even when you are in class
  • I feel so inspired. I loved how she stressed stretching, finishing and dancing through movement. I felt more confident
  • I learned about artistry and performance
  • I learned how to push the limits and was really inspired and dedicated to trying my best
  • What I learned will make me a stronger dancer. Loved the way Meredith taught the class and communicated with us
  • Meredith has a bright personality and she moves like the wind. It was such a great 20150208_110659class. I love the classes they offer at Marygrove and they have definitely helped me grow as a dancer

Please view the attached photos as well as the YouTube video:

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