Shakespeare in Detroit is Offering 2 Student Internships for Marygrove Academic Credit.

thShakespeare in Detroit is offering 2 student internships for Marygrove academic credit. These internships are part of this semester’s artistic residency and will be supervised by Marygrove faculty (Dr. Theodora Williams, BUS). The student will work with founder Samantha White and other members of the company. An excellent resume builder, this is a great opportunity for someone with interests in arts management, entrepreneurship in Detroit, or theater. (No previous theater experience is necessary.) Student must be detail-oriented and responsible, with good writing skills.

The internship is 10hr/week (1 credit). Interns will do some of the following:
*Assist with email marketing campaign for King Lear;
*Assist with social media posting and content development;
*Assist with production documentation — contracts, expenses, etc.;
*Assist with communication to cast/crew;
*Help create strategy for summer show’s consumer engagement;
*Take minutes during production meetings;
*Help promote crowdfunding efforts
*Ad hoc responsiblities as needed

To apply you will need a recommendation letter by Wednesday, February 18 from a Marygrove faculty member. For more information, please contact:

Dr. Audrey Becker
Associate Professor of English
Coordinator of Artistic Residency

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