Available student resources during Spring Break

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Even though School is closed March 2-8, resources are still available for you!

Test and Tutor Lab will be open:
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
Hours: Noon -3 p.m.
Location: LA 331 and LA 322A
Tutors Grace Wharton and Jacklene Johnson will be available.

Library will be open:
Monday through Friday
Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Success Center (MC 1st Floor) will be open for appointments in Career Services, Academic Advising, Disability Support, and Student Organizations

Note: The Success Center Workshop on Tuesday, March 3rd is canceled.

Call for nominations: Iota Gamma Alpha Award

wreath with ribbonIt is that time of year when we seek nominations of students for the Iota Gamma Alpha Award. This award recognizes students who demonstrate leadership, service to the college, and service to the community.

Eligible students exemplify the 3C’s; Competence, Commitment and Compassion throughout their journey as Marygrove students while maintaining a minimum of a 3.5 cumulative GPA.

If you know of a student who meets these criteria, please nominate them. Recipients will be notified and recognized at the 2015 Honors Convocation.

Any Marygrove Student, Staff, or Faculty member may nominate a deserving individual. The deadline for nominations is Friday, February 27, 2015 at 5:00 PM. You can request nomination forms from Maurice Traylor at mtraylor@marygrove.edu.

Marygrove Student Featured in Michigan Colleges Alliance Campaign

Jeremy OttoMarygrove sophomore Jeremy Otto is being featured today on We Are the Independents, an outreach program of the Michigan Colleges Alliance – a collective of the top 15 excellent independent colleges and universities located throughout Michigan–Marygrove included. You can read Jeremy’s profile here: http://wearetheindependents.com/

The We Are the Independents campaign was launched in late 2014 to promote the benefits Michigan’s private colleges have to offer.

You can nominate this year’s Commencement Speaker!


Nominate Commencement Speaker ExtendedOne of the highest honors a Marygrove College graduate can receive is being selected as a Commencement speaker.

Nominations are open and may come from the Students, Faculty and Staff – and now you can use the “fill-in” form (see below).

Any member of the Faculty or Staff could nominate a Graduate as Speaker by electronically completing the 2015 Commencement Speaker Nomination Form (see below)

  • BE SURE to “SAVE AS” Nomination-your name, then email, so we both have a copy! (OR print – write and hand-deliver)

A Student could tender a 2015 Commencement Speaker Nomination Form for a Candidate (or self-nominate), BUT that student’s Nomination Form would also require a Faculty/Staff SIGNATURE of ENDORSEMENT, AND the endorsing Faculty/Staff would then complete the attached 2015 Commencement Speaker Nomination Form

To be considered, ALL 2015 Commencement Speaker Nomination Forms for any/all Candidates from students and/or their endorsing Faculty/Staff are due by 2/25/15 to this corrected address: commencementspeakers@marygrove.edu or SC 232 (Student Center Building) – 313.927.1301


As you complete the 2015 Commencement Speaker Nomination Form, consider that the Candidate:

  1. Has a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  2. Has graduated during August or December 2014 or be eligible to graduate in May 2015.
  3. Represents the graduating student body/serves as a role model.
  4. Personally embodies the 3C’s – competence, commitment, compassion.
  5. Demonstrates sensitivity/respect for Marygrove’s diverse community.
  6. Exhibits the ability to write well – capturing the theme, writing with clarity, passion.
  7. Is capable of engaging the audience in presentations, performances, creative works, etc.
  8. Exhibits ability to speak publicly with clarity, confidence.
  • Nominated students will be notified by email and will need to confirm their interest and submit their BIO INFORMATION. Then, Candidates will be called to schedule their audition.

Students not selected to give the “Salute to the Undergraduate or Graduate Students” will be offered alternative opportunities to give the Invocation at Commencement or Welcome! at the Baccalaureate Mass.

To obtain a copy of the nomination form, contact:
Jan Machusak — jmachusak@marygrove.edu


Bringing dance to inner city: Charity event for 3D Dance Academy – Fox 2 News Headlines

Marygrove alums Spencer Richardson-Moore and his mentor, Sharon Freed, who also owns 3D Dance Academy, raise money for the Summer of Dance program to promote dance in the inner city.

Bringing dance to inner city: Charity event for 3D Dance Academy – Fox 2 News Headlines.

The Campus Ministry Department is inviting you to its Third Annual Lock-In.

lock-in2The Campus Ministry Department is inviting you to its Third Annual Lock-In.

When: February 20-21, 2015
Food, fun, movies, games, service, faith-sharing, guest speakers, team building!

Sign Up TODAY for a fun, event-filled overnight!

For more information contact:
Jesse Cox, Director of Campus Ministry
jcox@marygrove.edu  313-927-1404

Marygrove’s Dr. Michael Martin Releases New Book, The Submerged Reality

Michael MartinWe would like to congratulate Dr. Michael Martin on the release of his most recently published book, The Submerged Reality: Sophiology and the Turn to a Poetic Metaphysics.

In The Submerged Reality, Michael Martin challenges us to reimagine theology, philosophy, and poetics through the lens of sophiology. Sophiology, as this book shows, is not a rogue theology, but a way of perceiving that which shines through the cosmos: a way that can return metaphysics to postmodern thought and facilitate a (re)union of religion, science, and art.

“This is a brave, powerful, and intensely fascinating book that will certainly prove controversial. The notion of the divine Wisdom, Sophia, has always proved contentious in theology, but has remained persistent. For Michael Martin, it is essentially a poetic intuition, challenging our ways of perception and understanding. Exploring writers left in the shadows by conventional theology, he taps sources from which theology and the life of the Church could find renewal.”

— ANDREW LOUTH, author of The Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition and Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology

“In The Submerged Reality, Michael Martin suggests why a radicalized orthodoxy in the future will need more to ‘walk on the wild side’ and appropriate what is best in the esoteric, occult, and even gnostic traditions. He intimates that the past failure to do this is linked to a one-sidedly masculine theology, downgrading the sacrality of life, immanence, fertility, and the ‘active receptivity’ of the feminine. The consequence of this has been the perverse liberal attempt to distill ‘order out of disorder,’ or the denial of real essences, relations, gender difference, and the objective existence of all things as beautiful. Finally, Martin argues that such a genuinely feminist theology would also be concerned with a space between the openly empirical observation of nature on the one hand, and the reflective exposition of divine historical revelation on the other. In this space, continuously new poetic realities are shaped and emerge under the guidance of holy inspiring wisdom.”

— JOHN MILBANK, author of Theology and Social Theory and Beyond Secular Order

“This is a very clearly written and lively work of Catholic apologetics. Professors would be well advised to assign it as a text for undergraduate courses in theology. The Submerged Reality could win the hearts and minds of contemporary young people for Christian belief.”

— FRANCESCA ARAN MURPHY, Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame

“Sophiology as participatory metaphysics shows us how Christian thought has not always been sufficiently Trinitarian and personalist, and how Christianity gradually split into multiple denominational chapels as a result. It further shows how the modern division between faith and reason must be supplemented by symbolic and eschatological thinking, and how thought centered on the Wisdom of God allows us to find new ways of dialogue between the monotheistic and cosmocentric spheres of human civilization. It is the great merit of Michael Martin’s work to open our eyes to such awareness. This is a very daring book, written with great erudition, and one that delivers the best of Christian thought, both East and West, in modern times.”

— ANTOINE ARJAKOVSKY, Research Director, Collège des Bernardins, Paris

“Sophiology is best understood, not as a ‘doctrine,’ but as a way of seeing and feeling the deepest mystery of reality. In this wide-ranging and exhilarating book, Michael Martin gives us the most important theological apologia for the contemplation of divine Sophia since the great Russian Sophiologists of the last century. Drawing on the Russian genius of Vladimir Soloviev and Sergius Bulgakov, Martin’s meditation on Sophia ranges across the contributions of figures such as Jacob Boehme and Rudolf Steiner, Edith Stein and Pavel Florensky, Hans Urs von Balthasar and John Milbank. In so doing, he weaves a rich tapestry that illumines how a deeper gaze toward the feminine figure of Sophia begins to yield a more adequate response to the crisis of post-modern secular culture.”

— AARON RICHES, Instituto de Teología Lumen Gentium / Instituto de Filosofía Edith Stein, Granada, Spain

Have You Served With the U.S. Military? Let Marygrove Assist You With DAV Benefits & Paperwork

5978743729_42160fb2c7_zAre you . . . Current Military · A Veteran · A Military Spouse  · Child/Dependent of Military?

Then, on FRIDAY – FEBRUARY 13, 2015  you may want to meet with DAV DSO Toni MosesA Department Service Officer (DSO) with the Detroit Office of the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) and current Marygrove student, Toni will be able to answer your questions, assist with DAV benefits/paperwork, or work to retrieve military medical records with you.

CALL or TEXT her @ 586-215-0457 for an appointment

Set up your appointment today! Then meet with her in the Veterans’ Resource Room (LA 031), Liberal Arts Building.

Photo credit: ussocom_ru / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA