Congrats to Leslie Love, the New State Rep. in House District 10

Leslie LoveWe want to congratulate Leslie Love, Director of Theatre Operations & Adjunct Professor at Marygrove College, for winning her election to State Representative of the 10th House District earlier this month.

Leslie Love recently sent the following email to the staff and faculty at Marygrove College, thanking everyone who helped her in this accomplishment:

Thank you for your congratulatory comments and words of support for my election to State Representative of the 10th House District. I’m looking forward to joining the 98th legislator. (The 10th House includes all of Redford Township and a northwest portion of Detroit.)

I was particularly touched and deeply moved by the level of support and love shown by the many students who showed an interest in politics and got a front row seat on a winning campaign (they got to experience a lot of really cool things and meet some pretty distinguished people in the process). To have an esteemed seat in the Michigan House of Representatives is a humbling and awesome honor. It took a few campaigns to get here, but I am wiser because of the journey.

As many of you know, I have been a very passionate, engaged and enthusiastic employee of the college for over 12 years. (And if we served on a committee together, then you truly know my tenacity and dedication J ) I will take that same hard work, passion, and determination to elevate the voices and concerns of residents in District 10. From fighting to update Michigan’s Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to eliminating financial barriers to higher education, and many issues in between; I am committed to working hard to strengthen our communities, advance educational opportunities, and champion economic innovation.

But let it be known, I am not delusional. My party is in the “super” minority and I’m well aware of the challenges and barriers that come with being in the minority, but Marygrove has prepared me well.

By the way, this isn’t a farewell message. I’ll still here…

Love you all!

Leslie Love, MFA
Director of Theatre Operations & Adjunct Professor

We wish State Representative-Elect Leslie Love the best of luck in the upcoming  year.

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