IMD Continues to Inspire Students in the Community

KIKIsept14In collaboration with Marygrove College’s Department of Dance, the Institute of Music & Dance welcomed Kiki Lucas to teach 3 Master Classes to Community students and teachers.

On September 23, 24 and 28th, Ms. Lucas inspired students at Renaissance High School, Arts Academy in the Woods and at Marygrove College in an open community class.

Seventy-three students and teachers benefitted from Ms. Lucas’ artistry and knowledge.  She is truly motivational.  Comments from attendees corroborate and attest to that statement.

  • KIKISEPT14c“This class was exhilarating and energizing.”
  • “I enjoyed Ms. Lucas’ upbeat enthusiasm and wonderful choreography.”
  • “Very inspirational and challenging. Makes me want to dance professionally.”
  • “Saw individual’s interpretation and freedom of expression which was amazing.”
  • “Alongside Kristen Sudeikis (former dance master artist that IMD brought to Detroit) this was the BEST class! I learned so much.”
  • “I was able to open up and learn an exciting & sassy dance.”
  • “I will never forget her motivational comments!”

While in Detroit, Ms. Lucas taught classes and choreographed a piece for the Marygrove College Dance Company.  In collaboration with the undergraduate Dance Department, IMD KIKIsept14blooks forward to providing the opportunity for these community students to view the choreographic work entitled, Full Circle, in the Marygrove College Theatre in April, 2015.

Kiki Lucas is currently the Resident Choreographer, and senior dancer of the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company in Houston, TX. She is also the director of the Met Too Youth Company, jazz faculty at TUTS and teacher to many students in the Houston area.

IMD brings Kiki Lucas to Arts Academy in the Woods.

In collaboration with the Marygrove College Dance department, the Institute of Music & KIKISept14eDance continued its outreach and urban leadership efforts.

A Special Thank You to Jordeen Ivanov-Ericson, Susan Panek, Jonathon Cash and the Dance Administrators at Renaissance H.S, Gina Ellis and Michael Means, and Arts Academy in the Woods, Jennifer Meeks.

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