IMD Reaches Out to Ecorse Public Schools

IMDThe Institute of Music & Dance Continues To Practice the Marygrove College Urban Leadership Initiative

IMD is working with the Ecorse Public School System to provide arts enrichment classes to students at Ralph Bunche Academy (grades K – 3) and Grandport Academy (grades 4 – 8)

Judith Molina, Director of IMD, met with Ecorse Superintendent of Schools, Thomas Parker and Principals, Elijah Rozier and Patrick Burrage along with Arts Coordinator Robyn Talbot Porter to put into place an arts integration program for elementary and middle school students attending Ralph Bunch Academy and Grandport Academy. The program was presented to the Ecorse Public School Board, in October, and was enthusiastically approved.

IMD 2The program began October 13, 2014. Three art disciplines are being taught: art, dance and drama.  A total of 46 arts enrichment classes are being integrated within the school day.  IMD instructors visit the schools three days per week inspiring nearly five hundred students. IMD faculty members include: Judy Barnes (art), Taylor Jones (dance) and Milforden Luster (drama). Ecorse school students will also be given opportunities to attend educational arts enrichment exhibits and concerts at Marygrove College.

In the short amount of time since the arts enrichment classes began, teachers and administrators have noticed positive changes in their students. Ms. Williams, Ralph Bunche Counselor and Interventionist, has noted considerable progress in reaching a handful of students who have challenges participating and relating in their academic classes but find an emotional safe place within the nurturing arts environment and thus join in. Tom Kowalski, State of Michigan/School Improvement Grant Facilitator, upon visiting the arts integrated classrooms was impressed with the students’ focus and how the instructors were integrating core curriculum within their lessons along with self-esteem and motivational practices.

IMD 3The Institute of Music & Dance at Marygrove College is gratified to provide Ecorse school students an opportunity to be engaged in the creative process which connects an art form to core academics and meets evolving objectives in both areas.

Ms. Porter’s comment, “MARYGROVE ROCKS!” says it all.

1st Graders in class:


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