Futureshock 2: A Look at the Detroit Future City Plan with Peter Hammer

peter_hammer72_dpi03-18-14Sponsored by Michigan Coalition for Human Rights, Master of Arts in Social Justice, and the Political Science Department
Futureshock 2: Another Look at the Detroit Future City Plan with Peter Hammer, Executive Director of the Damon Keith Center

Monday, September 29th 7-9 p.m.
Marygrove College, Main Dining Room, Madame Cadillac Building

Well lit secure parking

Since so much has happened since we last had Peter Hammer speak on the Detroit Future City Plan last February, we have asked him to return to speak on the plan and its effectiveness in light of recent developments with the regional water plan, the bankruptcy trial developments, recent developments with both the school and city emergency managers, the blight task force and the Ilytch downtown development.

How will all these developments impact the people of the city and its future?. We hope to have three respondents representing these major developments to respond to Peter’s talk and to update us on what is happening in the city. We also leave plenty of time for response and questions from the audience. We hope for as good a crowd as we had last year so don’t miss out!

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