Marygrove Congratulates the 2014 IHM Congregation Jubilarians

7976480613_26a396ccdc_kThe last Saturday of July each year, the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM), founders and sponsors of Marygrove College, hold a special Jubilee celebration for those Sisters who have milestone anniversaries.

Most of these Sisters received their undergraduate degree at Marygrove and many of them have ministered here as well.

These dedicated women, together, have lived and worked as vowed religious for a total of 2,610 years!   Marygrove congratulates you!

80 Years
Charlotte Walby, IHM (BA ’53)

75 Years
Cecilia Campbell, IHM (BA ’53)
Norma Groth, IHM (BA ’57)
Paraclita Schnebelt, IHM (BA ’51)

70 Years
Catherine Broughton, IHM (BA ’60)
Audrey Bushell, IHM (BA ’58)
Patricia Cassidy, IHM (BA ’59)

  • Marygrove Registrar’s Office ’82-’83

Alys Currier, IHM (BA ’58)
Marguerite Gibbs, IHM (BA ’60)
Marie Gabriel Hungerman, IHM (BA ’53)

  • Marygrove Faculty – Philosphy ’61-’68, ’72-’74
  • Academic Dean, Dean of College ’68-’70
  • Trustee ’88

JoAnn McAnoy, IHM (BA ’59)

  • Faculty – Mathematics ’86-’00
  • Math Lab Coordinator Trustee ’78-’82

Marjorie McFarland, IHM (BA ’58)
Antoinette McNamara, IHM (BA ’60)
Marietta Murphy, IHM (BA ’58)
Mary Naughton, IHM (BA ’59)
Remi Pauwels, IHM (BA ’58)
Cecilia Schmidt, IHM (BA ’58)
Janet Sullivan, IHM (BA ’59)

60 Years
Carolyn Campbell, IHM (BA ’58; MEd ’68)
Jannita Complo, IHM (BA ’58)

  • Faculty – Education ’67-’69
  • Director of Student Teaching

Jane Farrell, IHM (BA ’51)

  • Faculty – History ’67-’70
  • Dean of Women
  • Trustee ’77-’81

Laura Hardage, IHM (BA ’58)
Shirley Houff, IHM (BA ’58)
Edith Marie Martinek, IHM (BA ’58; MEd ’69)
Mary McDevitt, IHM (BA ’58)

  • Faculty – Theology, Monroe campus ’62-’67

Madeleine Sophie Weber, IHM

50 Years
Lucy Abbey, IHM

  • MG Masters’ Social Justice alum
  • Taught a MG summer session on Sustainability (2011)

Gail Addis, IHM (BA ’68; MEd ’78)
Margaret Alandt, IHM (BA ’67)

  • Current IHM Leadership Councilor and Hartman Hall resident

Annemarie Askwith, IHM (BA ’63)
Camille Brouillard, IHM
Virginia Celmer, IHM (BA ’68)
Judith Coyle, IHM (BA ’68)
Mary Downey, IHM (BA ’68)
Carrine Etheridge, IHM
Mary Katherine Hamilton, IHM (BA ’68)

  • Current Faculty – Education 2007 – present
  • Past Trustee

C. Vita Pierce, IHM (BA ’68)

  • Past Trustee

Gloria Rivera, IHM

  • Coordinator, GLBD – BIONEERS

Margaret Schmidt, IHM (BA ’63)

  • Tutor-Writing Center ’81-’82

Marita-Constance Supan, IHM


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