Relay for Life a Great Success!

We Can Be HeroesI wanted to thank the college community for helping to make the 2014 Relay for Life a great success! The Grovers were well represented at the event, we had a great team of students, faculty and staff. And this year our campsite won “Best Decorated!”

The totals as of today are $75,534.56 for the 2014 Detroit Relay, of which the Grovers raised $2,139.03.

We still have until the end of July to make contributions and the Quilt Raffle will continue until then.

I am so proud of this community and the generosity and compassion you extend to those who suffer and are in need! Thanks for those who walked during the day and in the wee hours of the night, for those who volunteered for an hour or all day, for those who supported us by donating to the luminaries, the Quilt Raffle or maybe you offered words of support and encouragement. You all are truly the heart of our institution!

Jesse Cox

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