Relay For Life of Detroit 2014

Relay For Life of DetroitRelay for Life is fast approaching and we still need your help as a Marygrove team! The Grovers, consisting of students, faculty and staff, are raising money for the event from 10 AM Saturday June 14th until 10 AM on Sunday June 15th.

How can you help? I’m glad you asked that question!

  1. Participate in the Quilt Raffle [Tickets are $1 each and six for $5 and be entered in a drawing for a special quilt made by me!]
  2. Give a donation for a luminaria bag to be lit during the Relay for Life event to remember those we have lost to cancer [donation $10]
  3. Support a team member with a donation for a ‘star’ with the name of a loved one printed on it and posted near the Campus Ministry Office [donation $1]
  4. Come and walk with us at some point during the Relay, even if you can’t join the team! [we start at 10 AM Saturday and end 10 AM Sunday]
  5. To sign up, please visit this page.

We need your help and look forward to having a successful event. Help us do our part to raise money for the care of cancer patients, cancer research and to support caregivers.
It’s not too late and no amount and no effort is too big or too small! Thank you to those who have already responded!


Jesse Cox
Team Captain
The Grovers

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