Reminder: Next Lunchtime Conversation held on 2/18

lunchtime conversationThis is a reminder that the next Lunchtime Conversation will be held on Tuesday, February 18, from noon till 1:15 pm in the Employee Lounge on the ground floor of Liberal Arts.

This month’s topic will be the discussion of faculty members’ on-going scholarly and creative projects that we postponed from the snowed-out session last month. As you may recall, this month’s discussion was originally scheduled to be the conversation about re-inventing the faculty development awards program, but in considering it I felt the importance of the subject warranted having that talk with the larger faculty. Please stay tuned for news about when that will be.

On Tuesday, several of our colleagues will be talking about their current projects. If you’re interested in joining the discussion by sharing what you’re working on, please come. Also, if you’re considering a project and would like some feedback from your colleagues on how to get started, how to negotiate complications, or how to publish or present, this is a good time to talk about that, too.

As always, tasty food will be plentiful to fuel our good work.

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