Writing Assistance Available For All Students- Winter 2014

Writing AssistanceWhere: The Writing Center (LA 028)

WhenJan. 27-Apr. 26, 2014      Mon.-Thurs. 10 a.m.- 7 p.m.

Who:  Cheryl Blumenstein and Martinique Smith-Lewis

Contact: (313) 927-1278 to make an appointment

Students should make an appointment to receive writing assistance.
Students should bring a copy of their syllabus, directions for writing the paper, and, if possible, a draft of the paper. Students can also receive assistance prior to the first draft if appropriate to the assignment.Students may receive assistance in the following areas:• Developing manageable topics for papers.• Developing a focus or thesis for a paper.

• Organizing a paper and making sure it is unified and coherent.

• Adequately developing a paper.

• Controlling style in terms of the audience and purpose of the paper.

• Gaining control over mechanical errors.

• Conducting the research process.

• Properly documenting and formatting a paper in a specific discipline.

• Completing specific types of written assignments given in individual courses.


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