Nov. 15 Workshop: Critical Thinking in the Classroom

critical thinking workshopCritical thinking is an important element of a Marygrove education, listed among our hallmarks, our General Education curricular emphases, and our Urban Leadership principles. But what does ‘critical thinking’ mean? Type ‘critical thinking’ into an internet search engine and you’ll find so many principles, practices, and models that you may get the impression ‘critical thinking’ doesn’t mean much of anything in particular.

That impression, however, would be a mistake. There is—and has been, for over thirty years–an ongoing interdisciplinary, international tradition of qualitative and quantitative research not just into what critical thinking is, but into how to teach it. In this workshop, we will discuss what critical thinking is from the perspective of this informed body of research. We will also draw on what this research has to say about best practices for teaching rigorous critical thinking in order to learn strategies for our classrooms here at Marygrove.

Workshop Outcomes:
• Attendees will leave the workshop with a more complete understanding of what critical thinking is.
• Attendees will leave with strategies in hand for incorporating critical thinking into their classrooms.

Workshop Details:
Date: Friday, November 15, 2013
Time: 12 -2 PM
Location: Denk Chapman
Facilitator: Steven Patterson, Ph.D., (Assoc. Prof. in Philosophy; Chair, Division of Letters; member, Association for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking). Lunch will be provided and seats are limited to 20 participants. Advance registration is required.

To reserve your seat, please call or email Don Levin, Dean of Faculty, at extension 1205 or by e-mail: by Thursday, November 14.

2 thoughts on “Nov. 15 Workshop: Critical Thinking in the Classroom

  1. A Workshop on Critical Thinking is such a fascinating topic! I unfortunately live on the west side of the state and will be unable to attend.
    I was wondering if this workshop might later be available online, say, as a webinar? I wonder if you have ever considered this. I am not sure if the nature of a workshop would allow for that type of venue, but I think it’s worth exploring.

    Thank You

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