UPDATE! Dance workshop leaves lasting impressions

In conjunction with the Marygrove College strategic vision of Urban Leadership and Domestic Violence Awareness Month,

the Institute of Music & Dance welcomed New York dancer/choreographer Kristin Sudeikis to the college campus

Wednesday and Thursday, October 23 & 24, 2013.

All we can say is AMAZING…

Kristin Sudeikis’ artistry, passion, knowledge and encouragement empowered students and adults alike.

Ms. Sudeikis taught an inspired set of workshops leaving lasting impressions on 44 high school students and teachers from Renaissance H.S., Arts in the Woods Academy and ML King H.S.,  a dozen Marygrove College undergraduate dance students and 15 teen and adult survivors (and supporters) of sexual and domestic violence from SASHA Center, Alternatives for Girls and Interim House.

Evaluations filled out by participants shed light on each person’s experience in the dance and movement/discussion workshops.

Filled with enthusiasm and a breadth of enlightenment from being “in the moment” with Kristin, the participants had the following to say:

  • ·         I felt so empowered and I was able to release some tension and actually smile and feel happy even though my pain before was so overwhelming.
  • ·         This was a great experience. This made me feel free and open. I love the energy it provided and I love the talk afterwards. I gave me a different type of peace.
  • ·         Thank you for reminding me how worthy I am.
  • ·         This was awesome, dynamic, motivational and healing.
  • ·         Most amazing experience I’ve had in a long time. Brought me to tears.
  • ·         Amazing/Phenomenal/Beautiful/Inspiring it takes me back to why I love dance.
  • ·         She is awesome! From everything she says to every movement she makes. Kristin knows how to bring the best out of you in so many ways
  • ·         This is one of my first master classes and I will always remember it. She made me feel like a DANCER. It was okay to be myself, forget my insecurities & just move with passion.
  • ·         Best master class I have ever taken… I never wanted it to end.
  • ·         The experience taught me to be comfortable with myself and confident in my dancing… I cried.
  • ·         Freedom/Joy/Breath/Letting go… Kristin taught about purpose and being humble… I will always remember her statement, “Fear paralyzes, Love moves.”


A lasting impact was made in these workshops.

The Institute of Music & Dance at Marygrove College is committed to continuing to make these experiences happen for our community.


Please take a look at the photos and  YouTube links:



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