MG Art Department Partners with Senior Citizens from the Theresa-Maxis Apartments

8094326035_4bfffd89a5On Oct. 2, the Marygrove Art Department will be installing mosaic tiles made through the joint efforts of Marygrove students and senior citizens from the Theresa-Maxis Apartments. This event is part of a larger, ongoing project called Place 2 Place.

Next Wednesday, students will place “stepping stones” outside of the Marygrove College fence. Markers will be placed at .25 mile and every ¼ mile thereafter. Walkers will be encouraged to make the entire circuit, which will be 1-1/2 miles.

This project provides a way for Marygrove students to work with the community around them; it also works towards creating an outdoor space where people can be creative, observe their community, and be reminded that The City of Detroit is a beautiful place.

For more information, contact Mary Lou Greene at (313) 927-1853.

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