Reminder: Marygrove’s Relay for Life team partners with Buffalo Wild Wings

buffalo-wild-wingsGrovers, Marygrove’s Relay for Life team, is hosting its last fundraiser on Wednesday, July 24th from 5-9 PM.

For this fundraiser, the Grovers are partnering with Buffalo Wild Wings. If you order food from their Ferndale location (9 mile and Woodward),  Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 15% of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society in our name.

You can pick up a voucher from Jan Machusak in the Student Center Building; this must be presented when ordering so that they can identify our people and total the donation accordingly.  We hope to fill up the restaurant this Wednesday so that we can raise funds to care for those who are living with cancer and to research for a cure.

For more information please contact:

Janice M. Machusak
Student Center Building – SC232
(313) 927-1301

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