If you could change or enhance your Marygrove experience, how would you do it?

The Participatory Action Research group and the Service Learning Committee are interested in creating a Participatory Action Research project,  internships and/or service learning projects that would be meaningful to our students and our community (Marygrove and/or the surrounding area).  To this end, we are planning a listening session with students, interested Marygrove people and community leaders to hear ideas about how we can enhance our life together.  

A listening session will be held on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 from 6-8pm in Denk.  Light refreshments will be provided; Barbara Stanbridge, IHM, and local community activist Gwendlyn Winston-Bailehy have agreed to facilitate.  We are guided by the following:

+ Marygrove commits itself to forming urban leaders and thus must get engaged in the urban community

+ Valuable research, ideas and insights from campus and community leaders are synergetic for both arenas

+ We are offering a venue to bring together potential partners to begin exploration of how we might begin or deepen extant collaborations that will be mutually beneficial.

+ This is a concrete medium for stimulating new service learning courses, internships, PAR projects, etc.

Please RSVP to Barbara Beesley by May 7–and plan to come out and invite others who are interested in contributing to this engagement….We would love to hear your voices!

Barbara Beesley: (313) 927-1403


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