Meet professionals and build a network with the Movers and Shakers today at 4:45

silhouettes-76784_640You are invited to the Movers & Shakers Networking Event sponsored by the Gentlemen’s Round Table on April 12th. Check-in begins at 4:45pm and the program will commence at 5:15pm.

Meet with multiple professionals in the round, move from table to table, and enjoy the professional-panel presentation & Q/A.  Be prepared, dressed and bring a listening ear to network with:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • non-profit leaders
  • lawyers
  • environmentalists
  • law enforcement
  • Professionals in the legal-juvenile justice field
  • Educators
  • Political consultants
  • Professionals in the field of communications
  • Theatre producers, writers and directors.

In addition to this, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the basics of obtaining a governmental appointment and shake hands with a professional who has presented to the U.S. Congress.

Attend the Movers and Shakers Networking Event April 12th ~ Madame Cadillac Building-Main Dining Hall.

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