Congratulations to Members of the Marygrove Gentlemen’s Round Table

0321131021a GRTLansing02We would like to congratulate members of the Gentlemen’s Round Table (GRT) for their success during a recent visit to Lansing to observe votes on House Bills 4399, 4274 and 4275. Although the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) vote was delayed due to party discussions, Marygrove GRT members were still able to observe elected officials in action, network inside the capital with staff members, and go on a guided tour of the capitol building!

It is also worth noting that Marygrove GRT members spoke at length with Senator Virgil Smith Jr., who noted not only that his office door was open as a resource for them, but that he would gladly write letters of recommendation on their behalf.

This is a great strategic and professional development “game changer” for GRT members and we believe their efforts merit a round of applause!


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