Lenten Soup and Spiritual Cinema

praying-handsWHAT: Lenten Soup and Spiritual Cinema
Student Center Building’s Green and Gold Room
Thursdays from Noon until 1:00 p.m.
DATES: Feb. 21, 28, and March 14, 21

February 21: Love at First Sight
Do you believe in Love at first sight?  When Arthur spots Ruth he knows in his heart that it’s true.

How has real love changed us?

February 28: Persimmon
Tamotsu has two problems: An elderly man who won’t eat and a persimmon that won’t dry out.

How do we face life’s problems?

March 14: The Scarecrow Girl
Denied the right to go to school,  Luzia creatively learns to read on her own.  

How do we determine our own future?

March 21: Switchboard
A disconnected middle aged man is drawn out of his world by a group of street people who help him find what he is truly looking for.

Are we finding what we truly want in life?   

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