Lunchtime Conversation: Tuesday, Jan. 29 at Noon

Healthy vegetarian sandwich with various vegetablesThe next Lunchtime Conversation will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 29, from Noon – 1:15 p.m. in the Employee Lounge in the ground floor of the Liberal Arts building.

This conversation will consist of a discussion of academic honesty, including issues related to plagiarism, cheating, honor codes, and other important and timely concerns. Launching the conversation will be brief statements from Jeanne Andreoli, associate professor of Biology and co-chair of the Science and Mathematics Department; Sally Welch, associate professor of Chemistry and co-chair of Science and Mathematics; and Don Levin, professor of English and chair of English and Modern Languages.

We are all aware that academic honesty is a particularly pressing concern, so we hope you will join us to offer your perspectives.

As always, the refreshments will be tasty and plentiful.

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