World Book Night

World Book NightMarygrove College Library will be participating in World Book Night this upcoming April 23, 2013. If you or anyone you know are interested in being a Giver on April 23, please apply by Jan. 23, 2013  at: and choose the Marygrove College Library as your pick-up location.

“On World Book Night, 25,000 book givers each give away 20 FREE copies of a specially-printed, not-for-resale World Book Night U.S. edition of a book they have read and loved, chosen from a list of 30 titles selected by a panel of librarians and booksellers.  The volunteer book givers personally hand out their FREE copies to complete strangers, people who may never have owned a book of their own.” (“World Book Night US – Information for librarians,” n.d.)

For additional information see the World Book Night website: or feel free to contact me personally.


Thanks for reading and to all those that have already signed up. The library is looking forward to celebrating World Book Night with you.


Jessica Morales

Library Technician • Marygrove College Library


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