Kwahu Water System Fundraiser Results

Water fundraiser 1

Water fundraiser 2










Dear Marygrove Community,

The Health Science Student Association and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Beta Tau Chapter would like to personally thank every one who assisted, donated and supported the Kwahu Water System Fundraiser. Without the support we received from the Marygrove community, this fundraiser would not have been possible.

We are pleased report that the Fundraiser was a big success, thanks to the combined efforts of many in our community!!  Over 80 supporters attended the fundraiser, which included music from Marygrove students Victor Boyd and Bryson Allison, and a large Ghana display made by Naomi Tajonera, Riane Harris, and Erin McDonald in the Art Dept along with Jonathon Garcia from Christo Rey High School.  There was a presentation about Pepease by Sheree Slack that included pictures from Kalimah Johnson and her travel seminar students.  The wine-tasting featured 8 wines, including 4 selections generously donated by Jane Hammang-Buhl and Bill Buhl.  There was a silent auction run by Francesca Frazier which included items generously donated by Eve Ann Page, Jahazra Mayes, Joann Cusmano, and the Bookstore.  The food for the event was generously underwritten by Ken Malecke and the Science and Math Dept and was beautifully displayed with the help of student volunteer Cynthia Williams and the Ovations staff.  Brittany Lain and Nikki Brand served as MCs for the evening, while Jennifer Tsui and Rose DeSloover helped behind the scenes.  In addition, over 35 members of our community purchased tickets or donated funds toward the cause.

As a result of the generosity from many in and outside of Marygrove, we have currently raised $5,388, all of which will go to repair Kwahu Medical Center Water System.  Lydia Richardson will be traveling to Ghana in January to arrange for contractors to begin construction.  We expect the water system will be finished by August, and Kalimah Johnson and the Ghana travel seminar students will be there to document the finished project!

We are inspired by what we can accomplish when we work together and hope you are too!  We wish a blessed Christmas season to all of you!


The Health Science Student Association and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Beta Tau Chapter

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