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Today the Cloudy Librarian (aka Emily Singley) published her annual list of Top 10 Academic Library Websites, and guess who won first prize in the Small Academic Library category? That’s right…the Marygrove College Library! We got top marks because we make it easy for you to get research help; we explain all the different ways to find a book (including interlibrary loan); and we do a great job of explaining how to find the full-text of an article.

Emily Singley is Systems Librarian at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH. You can see the criteria she uses to rate library websites and read the full list of winners here:

Go Marygrove!

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  1. Thank you! We stand on the shoulders of giants: many thanks to former Marygrove College employees Jeff Zachwieja and Andrew Koper and to current Marygrove employees Dreu Adams and Shane Sevo for their help building, maintaining, and improving our fabulous site.

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