Marygrove ETS News

Technology Assistants are an important of the Library & STICC labs.  The provide software assistance to those visiting these places.  This semester we highlight Carlette (Carla) Williams.

Major/Career Plans
Social Work/Criminal Justice with a Certificate in Child Welfare –
Opening Domestic Violence House for Abused Women

What do you like best about the position you’re in now?
What I like best about this position in the STICC is the new technology I am learning.  I can take this knowledge and apply it to my life after Marygrove.

Why do you like working in Technology?
The possibilities are endless when you work with technology.  It allows you to let the imagination flow.  I like knowing that I can be as creative as I want with technology. (If you have ever worked with Publisher or Visio, you know this to be true).

What’s your earliest or funniest memory of using technology?

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