Help a family in need this Thanksgiving with a food basket

Greetings everyone!

Campus Ministry would like to invite those who are willing and able to contribute a basket for a needy family for Thanksgiving. Listed below are the items that are requested for the basket.  Campus Ministry’s request is to departments, classes, Honors Organizations, Student Organizations, Greek Organizations and Athletic teams to put together baskets for St. Leo’s, St. Cecilia’s and Destiny Worship Center.  Please turn in Baskets by next Tuesday November 20th before Noon!  All baskets should be brought to the Student  Center Chapel.  It is suggested you purchase laundry baskets from the dollar store for the food items and they can be reused for laundry by the recipients.

Here is a list of the items for each basket:

Gift Card for a turkey [15-20 dollars] Kroger’s store preferred

[4] Stuffing Mix

[1] Bag of flour

[1] Bag of sugar

[1] Can of Cranberry Sauce

[1] Box of Cake Mix

[1] Tub of Cake Frosting

[2] Cans of Vegetables

[1] Box of Mashed Potatoes

[1] Can or Jar of Turkey Gravy

[1] Pound of Butter

[2] Pop or Juice

[1] Evaporated Milk

[2] Canned Yams

If you have questions, contact Jesse Cox at (313) 927-1404.

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