Blood Drive Results!

The results are in from the blood drive that was held here on campus Wednesday, October 31. With the hurricane hitting the east coast, these life-saving donations could not have come at a better time. Sandy forced the cancellation of approximately 300 American Red Cross blood drives in 14 states along the East Coast, resulting in a shortfall of over 11,000 units of blood and platelets so far. American Red Cross had to move blood products to the areas affected by Sandy so that the products would be available during and after the storm. We collected 24 pints of blood– giving area hospital patients a chance to once again enjoy good health. While the drive fell short of the goal of 31, it’s important to note that the students and staff here at Marygrove College helped save 72 lives with their donations. Great job!!

Special thanks to William Pugh, Marygrove Bookstore, Marygrove Cafeteria, Marygrove Athletics and Ysen Dalipi (Subway) in their support of this great endeavor.

Also, congratulations to Tahnee & Saige Berger (Alice & The Queen of Hearts) “Best Costume Winner” and Megan Clay “Raffle Winner.”

Thank you again, for all the donors here at Marygrove College and for participating in the drive.

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