Marygrove Students: The Kellogg Fellows want to hear from you!

The Kellogg Fellows, who are working around the globe on social justice issues, are coming to Detroit to learn about the issues facing the city and to discuss with students, faculty and staff, solutions to these issues.

Marygrove Students with a desire to engage in a discussion with Fellows on a particular issue, community challenge or social justice project they are pursuing
should put together a team and develop an outline of their project to share with the fellows.

For example, students working on environmental issues may have a project discussion or those supporting literacy initiatives in the community may want to meet with Fellows that have creative solutions to any of these topics.

If you are a student and have ideas, please forward them to Brenda Price at by March 5, 2012. You can also view this YouTube video to learn more about the work of the Fellows around the world.


October 11-13 marks the opening of KFLA’s fifth biannual meeting of our flagship program, Forum. The 2½-day event, hosting 300 Fellows and collaborators, will be held in downtown Detroit.

We have chosen Detroit as our host site because of the many issues at play in her and the real opportunity for a multilateral exchange between Forum participants and local wisdom of Detroiters on topics that concern 21st century communities.

Partnering with Marygrove

Partnering with Detroit, and with Marygrove in particular, is a unique chance to recognize the system of problems and the network of solutions that define communities of the 21st century.

KFLA is looking to create an experience that promotes dialogue and multilateral contact between Fellows and key community members within Detroit.  Our goal is to listen and learn from your experience as well as to be a resource for the community.

Marygrove is embarking on a process to develop an urban leadership curriculum that will significantly enhance its efforts to engage the student population and community in social change initiatives in Detroit and with issues that are relevant to Detroit and the world.

Our challenge is to form a collaborative partnership that engages a wide spectrum of stakeholders to create a day-long learning experience on Friday, October 12, 2012 that highlights the tremendous resources of Marygrove and provides access to some of the preeminent and experienced national and local leaders that make up the Kellogg Fellows network.

Our desire is to be bold.  Our desire is to help break traditional molds that compartmentalize knowledge and experience.  Our desire is to—collaboratively—model resiliency and interconnectedness and to create a transformative experience for Marygrove students, faculty, staff as well as Kellogg Fellows.

Program Theme

Leading Communities in the 21st Century: Building Resiliency, Transformation & Transcendence

Key Values

  • Resiliency
  • Transformation of people, organizations & communities
  • Courageous, risk taking actions for social justice
  • Interconnectedness

Provocative Questions

Forum’s cross cutting and intersecting programming is driven by provocative questions that drive your curiosity and evade easy answers.  These questions are designed to be points of entry for a participant that necessarily requires a more systemic wide approach to programming.  We want to be bold and risk taking in our design so that participants are driven to interface each other across their areas of expertise.

  • What is your recipe for resiliency?
  • What does the unfolding story of Detroit tell us about the future of the world?
  • Can we act in ways that will prevent our children from dying early?

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