Marygrove Dance Company Wows Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Lauren Allen, Rev. Dr. Hood, Judith Molina

The Marygrove College Dance Company met with a standing ovation at the conclusion of their performance of Somebody Prayed for Me, choreographed by Marygrove College dance student Lauren Allen, at Children’s Hospital of Michigan.  The keynote speaker for the “Love or Perish: A celebration of the life and works of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” was Rev. Dr. Nicholas Hood, Sr.

Members of the Detroit Symphony and the Plymouth United Church of Christ Renaissance Choir also particpated in the event.

Allysa Dickerson, Cienna Boyce, Coda Boyce, Joshua Cooper and Kendall Crenshaw

The Institute of Music and Dance tap students strutted their stuff, under the direction of IMD faculty member Marnita Dickerson, at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History.

They also appeared on the Channel 7 ABC News!

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