Teacher Fair at Allen Academy on Nov. 25

iStock_000008533108XSmallTeacher Fair!

Allen Academy
8666 Quincy St.
Detroit, MI

Tuesday, Nov. 25
10:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Anticipated Openings:

  • Elementary self-contained
  • Elementary physical education
  • Secondary music
  • Secondary science
  • Secondary math
  • Secondary technology

Please come ready to interview for the chance to work at an amazing school!

Next Lunchtime Conversation Series: Nov. 25th

Lunchtime Conversation - Nov. 25The next Lunchtime Conversation will be held Tuesday, November 25th, at 12 pm in the Employee Lounge in the ground floor of Liberal Arts.

The topic of this conversation will be “Teaching Ethics in the Classroom”, and will include a roundtable conversation on how to integrate teaching ethics into your courses.

As always, refreshments and good conversation are guaranteed. For more information, please contact Don Levin at dlevin@marygrove.edu.

Honors Program Hosts Successful “Hot Topics” Panel on GMOs

GMO Panel

Thank you very much to all those who attended the Marygrove Honors Program’s hot topics panel on “The Health, Environmental & Political Issues of GMO.”

Speaking on the panel were Khepera Jesal, “The Healthy Lifestyle Coach”, The Natural Healing Institute; Abigail J. Fusaro, Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Biology; Laurie Kopack, Adjunct Professor of English; Ellis Ivory, Assistant Professor of Political Science, and Leo Kopack, Undergrad student at Marygrove College.

If you would like to know more about this important issue, please contact Loretta Woodard, Director of Honors Program, at lwoodard@marygrove.edu or Laurie Kopack at lkopack2843@marygrove.edu.

BUS 496A Senior Seminar Presentations on Thursday, Dec. 4

You are invited to an evening of senior seminar presentations for the Fall 2014 section of BUS 496A, Issues and Problems in Business.  After grappling with some of the most compelling issues facing business organizations today in the areas of globalization, sustainability, and innovation, students chose research  topics that address competitive advantage, compliance requirements, survival strategies for businesses, and business ethics.

We welcome you to join us. Our class meets in LA 220.  The presentations will begin at 6:30 pm.


Relay for Life Quilt Raffle Today at 4 p.m. in the Employee Dining Room

relay for lifeThe much anticipated Relay for Life Quilt Raffle drawing will be held today at 4 PM in the Employee Dining Room in Madame Cadillac.  If you would like to purchase a last minute ticket they will be on sale from 3 until 3:59 PM.  Thanks for your patience and your support of the Marygrove Relay for Life Team!  Tickets are a dollar a piece or six for five dollars.

The prizes are an original quilt made by your campus minister, a Relay for Life portfolio and a Relay for Life Coffee Thermos.

Kresge Funded Onstage! Program Assists IMD in Outreach

judywilsonHamtkSpecialNeeds2aThrough funding from the Kresge Foundation, the Institute of Music and Dance has been able to increase its outreach efforts to the community.

Building on the urban leadership mission, IMD brought an “artist as activist” to work with two special needs groups.

On October 21 & 22, 2014, IMD engaged Judy Wilson, M.Ed., an artist and art therapist who co-founded The Art Experience to work with residents at the McGivney-Bethune Senior Apartment complex and Special Needs students at Hamtramck High School.

Ms. Wilson was also invited to present a workshop to Marygrove College undergraduate art therapy students. The workshops yielded positive feelings about self and empowerment in the creative experience.

Comments from nineteen Seniors who designed boxes that reflected, in color andJudyWilsonHamtrckSpNds3 decorative items, their outside personality and inside feelings included:

  • This was entertaining – it’s a beautiful gift to do things creative
  • Stress relieving and relaxing – there is joy in colors
  • Learned about creativity of others and our different choices
  • Nice learning experience visiting with friends

Fifteen Special Needs students at Hamtramck High School worked on a project that “introduced them on paper.” They used line, color and shape and then words that described and symbolized them. Some of the words chosen were: good, funny, Detroiter, loyal, pretty, brave, Bosnian, hopeful, respectful. Comments included:

  • It made me think about my life and who I am.
  • This is fun, relaxing and stress free.
  • This made me think about myself. It was helpful and fun.

Eighteen Marygrove College undergraduate art therapy students were enlightened by Ms. JudyWilsonHamtrckSpNds4Wilson’s presentation.

  • I learned that the littlest thing that you draw or create can be the outcome of how you actually feel. It was an amazing experience for me because the breathing experiment actually calmed me down and relieved some stress.
  • A wonderful experience. It was very inspirational, informative and relaxing. It shows how powerful art really is.
  • Fun, enjoyable, creative learning environment and great knowledge of art therapy.
  • It was a mind opening experience; it helped me discover something about myself.

Thank you to the administrators and teachers that made these workshops possible: Mary Lou Greene, Michelle Pate, Dashika Daniels and Veronica Lassen.