VPAA Search Update

Marygrove College est. 1905

Photo by Jeff Pearson Photography


TO: Members of the Marygrove College Community
FROM:  Sally Welch, Chair, VPAA Search Committee
SUBJECT: VPAA Search Update

The VPAA Search Committee met on January 31, and I am writing again to update you on our progress.  At the meeting, we reviewed and adopted a rating form we will use in assessing applicants for the VPAA position, ensuring all candidates are evaluated by a common standard.  Until our next meeting on Tuesday, February 12th, members of the committee will be reviewing applicant files.  At that meeting we reduce the pool to a smaller group in the range of 12-15 candidates whose references will be checked.

Until February 10th, we will continue to receive applications and, as we have done in the past, would encourage you to consider persons who might provide strong and effective VPAA leadership for Marygrove.  A number of you have already taken advantage of this opportunity but we encourage others to be similarly involved.  As names come to mind, I would ask you forward them to me so I might be in contact with them.  You will find the search profile and qualities we seek in our next VPAA at http://www.agbsearch.com/searches/vice-president-academic-affairs-marygrove-college or at http://agbsearch.com/current-searches/senior -executive.  We are very pleased with the quality of candidates who have chosen to engage in our search thus far and are increasingly confident we will be successful when the process is completed, currently scheduled for early April 2013.  On-campus interviews, in which you will be asked to participate, are tentatively scheduled for the week of March 25.

The committee will continue to stay in touch with you throughout the process, and we welcome your comments and questions at any time.  You may write to me in care of marygrove@agbsearch.com or you may contact our consultant, Dr. Loren J. Anderson, at (253) 223-3566 (email:lja@agbsearch.com).  We will treat your information you provide as confidential.

Thank you very much for your continuing interest and support.  I will be in contact with you again immediately following our next meeting.


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